Dolores Gray Isn't It Romantic歌词

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  • 专辑:Warm Brandy: The Capitol Years
  • 歌手:Dolores Gray
  • 歌曲:Isn't It Romantic

Dolores Gray Isn't It Romantic歌词


Dolores Gray You're My Thrill歌词

02/28 00:18
I've been 'neath the moon before Held by the charms of other arms I heard love's old tune before And it used to bore me 'till you stood before me You're my thrill You do something to me You send chills right through me When I look at you 'cause you'r

Dolores Gray Kiss Me歌词

06/19 22:41
[ti:Kiss] [ar:加藤ミリヤ] [al:TOKYO STAR] [00:00.56]Kiss [00:02.90]作曲:Tomokazu T.O.M Matsuzawa [00:04.30]作詞:Tomokazu T.O.M Matsuzawa [00:05.73]演唄:加藤ミリヤ(Miriya Kato) [00:07.09]专輯:TOKYO STAR [00:08.67]発売:2008年4月2日(水) [00:09.86] [00:14.24]時間:2008年5月22日 - 22:

Dolores Gray Shangri-La歌词

09/18 01:29
[ti:Shangri-La] [ar:M. Ward] [al:Hold Time] [00:02.00]M. Ward - Shangri-La [00:04.00] [00:10.59]Up on the sun, this time tomorrow [00:15.99]Fly, walk, or run, but this time no sorrow [00:20.73]First stop, Jackson, next stop, Shangri-La [00:30.06]And

Dolores Gray Close Your Eyes歌词

03/08 21:26
[ti:Close Your Eyes] [ar:westlife] [al:coast to coast] [04:29.44][00:01.36]Close Your Eyes [04:32.60][00:05.48] [00:11.22]If you wanna know [00:22.32]Tomorrow morning I have to leave [00:26.18]But wherever I may be [00:29.68]Best believe I'm thinking

Dolores Gray How Long Has This Been Going On歌词

04/29 11:20
As a tot, when I trotted in little velvet panties, I was kissed by my sisters, my cousins, and my aunties. Sad to tell, it was hell, an inferno worse than Dante's. So my dear I swore, "Never, never more !" On my list, I insisted that kissing mus

Dolores Gray Penthouse Serenade (When We're Alone)歌词

01/05 08:49
Just picture a penthouse way up in the sky With hinges on chimneys for stars to go by A sweet slice of Heaven for just you and I When we're alone. From all of society we'll stay aloof And live in propriety there on the roof. Two heavenly hermits we w

Dolores Gray Do-Do-Do歌词

10/01 13:35
[ti:do!do!do!] [ar:TOKIO] [al:Sorafune / Do! Do! Do!] [00:00.00]TOKIO - do!do!do! [00:01.33]作詞:TAKESHI 作曲:TAKESHI [00:02.31] [00:03.36]One way 何処まで行けば do! do! do! [00:08.01]Everyday 見えない明日へ do! do! do! [00:13.14]どんなストーリーがそこにあるんだ? [00:20.80] [00:27.55

Karyn White Romantic歌词

12/15 17:31
------ 〓晨曦之光 Karyn White - Romantic -music- Oh Baby, baby I wanna get romantic Turn the lights down It's time to get romantic Light a candle It's time to get romantic Let's be romantic Take me in your arms, caress me gently Oh, I can't get enough, oo

Macy Gray Beauty In The World歌词

08/02 06:14
I know you're fed up Like a lead up for us All they talk about is What is going down? What's been messed up for us? When I look around I see blue skies I see butterflies for us Listen to the sound and lose it Its sweet music and dance with me There i