Joyside He is dead (Lament)歌词

he is dead, he is dead
he died on another new stranger's bed
the boy is dead, the boy is dead
he's still young & pretty but it's time to rest
i heard him crying, with choking sighs
he was so sad when i saw him last night
he lusted for life, tried to survive
but he's lost his strength to be alive
people confused him
then the wolrd refused him
he must die
i heard him crying, without his pride
he was so sad like a defeated noble knight
now he is dead, my boy is dead
he died on one thousand and his first bed

  • 专辑:Joyside同名专辑
  • 歌手:Joyside
  • 歌曲:He is dead (Lament)

Joyside He is dead (Lament)歌词


Brett Anderson Love Is Dead (Live)歌词

11/28 22:01
歌词来源: Brett Anderson-Love Is Dead 逝爱(链接原来的翻译为:我的爱一去不复返) Album:Brett Anderson Nothing ever goes right, 我的爱情一路受挫, nothing really flows in my life ,没有一个人在我生命中停留. No one really cares if no one ever shares my bed ,没有一个

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