Skinny Puppy Pro-Test歌词

Hit me on the street while waiting to do nothing
Where within the space can anything feel certain
Look into the future make out the word speak
Send in the spies to watch them

Creepy are the people unable to do something
Sitting on an armchair fenced in their creation
Look up to be there
Anywhere is somewhere
Itchy past scratch the itch

Hit me in the streets hit me

Feel about a nation so precious is the freedom
Carousel the brass ring reach into a black mass
So its corroded always polluted
We all want some of it

Maybe all the people now left without no loving
Where within the strength gone better see it coming
Get off the fence trip
Rip up the garbage
Make it up to the earth bitch

Hit me in the streets hit me

Be a politician eroding all your freedoms
Down the rabbit hole cracks money markets fall
Through a looking glass time becomes too fast
All to benefit the rich
So keep eating from the apple edges from the center
Shaken to the core until it doesn't matter
No one to turn to no where to run to
Better the bomb to blow it

Hit me in the streets

  • 专辑:The Greater Wrong of the Right
  • 歌手:Skinny Puppy
  • 歌曲:Pro-Test

Skinny Puppy Pro-Test歌词


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