Rancid Journey to the End of the East Bay歌词

Reconcile to the relief
consumed in sacred ground for me
there wasn"t always a place to go
but there was always an urgent need to belong

all these bands and
all these people
all these friends and
we were equals but
what you gonna do
when everybody goes on without you?

to the end to the end i"ll journey to the end

started in 87 ended in 89
got a garage or an amp we"ll play anytime
it was just the 4 of us, yeah man the core of us
too much attention unavoidably destroyed us
4 kids on tour, 3000 miles in a 4-door car not know what was goin"on
we got a million years
tourin" out like this hell
no no premonition coulda seen this

to the end to the end i"ll journey to the end

my friend came from far away
from new orleans into the east bay
he said this is a mecca i said this ain"t no mecca man, this place"s fucked
3 months go by, he had no home he had no food he"s all alone
matty said fool me once shame on you didn"t fool me twice
he went back to new orleans

to the end to the end i"ll journey to the end

  • 专辑:...And Out Come the Wolves
  • 歌手:Rancid
  • 歌曲:Journey to the End of the East Bay

Rancid Journey to the End of the East Bay歌词


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