DeBarge Be My Lady歌词

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  • 专辑:In a Special Way
  • 歌手:DeBarge
  • 歌曲:Be My Lady

DeBarge Be My Lady歌词


阿爆&Brandy Other Lady歌词

03/05 05:42
other lady 作词:Brandy/贱男Rap:吕忠训 作曲:Brandy 编曲:洪敬尧 我从门缝偷看着你 偷看着你的动静 好刺激 想给你一个很大的惊喜 却发现另一个Lady 不相信 掩不住紧张情绪 藏不住内心恐惧 我歇斯底里莫名(我安慰我自己) 我怎么没见过你 Who are you,Lady?到底 God屏气凝神全身不对劲 you are the Other lady 想告诉自己那只是幻影 只是他的亲戚 不要紧 你的动作告诉我了实情 她不是你的亲戚 我不依 门内的世界仙境 门外的世界地

After School Lady歌词

08/10 21:03
[ti:Lady Luck] [ar:AFTERSCHOOL] [al:Lady Luck / Dilly Dally] [offset:0] [00:00.79]きっと ギュッと �げたい [00:04.35]"この恋がひとつになるように-" Lady Luck [00:10.73]歌词编辑:铅笔头 QQ:88212109 [00:17.92]Lady Luck [00:18.79]歌手:AFTERSCHOOL [00:21.05]作�:Reika Yuki [00:23.48]作曲

Kara 숙녀가 못 돼 (Damaged Lady)歌词

07/20 14:29
[rap] 비나 확 쏟아져라 now 가다 확 넘어져라 넌 담에 겪어 봐라 다 uh~ [rap] 大雨突然倾盆而下now 看到你走著走著突然在栏杆旁失足跌倒uh~ 그래 나 못돼 숙녀가 못돼 是的, 我很坏, 成不了淑女 어쩐지 오늘 하늘이 유독 파랗다고 했어 내가 그렇지 不知为何 今天天空特别蓝 我就是如此 너무 잘 풀린다 했어 설마 했는데 골라도 꼭 너는 이런 날이니 分开时实在是解决得太好了 难道连分手你也要选在这种日子做? 온통 다 커플 눈에 콩꺼풀 주변이 왜


09/21 20:21
柯有纶 - Sugar Lady 词曲:柯有纶 编曲:SKOT SUYAMA 专辑:<One Day> 你的微笑让我神魂颠倒 什么原因开了这个玩笑 全身沾满了谁的味道 一个不开心喔让你糟糕 No no no you want it you want it you want it No no no sexy sexy oh baby No no no you want it you want it you want it No no no 心跳加速感觉快发烧 Hey hey hey sugar

Frank Sinatra Luck Be A Lady歌词

07/14 05:14
They call you lady luck But there is room for doubt At times you have a very un-lady-like way Of running out Your on this date with me The pickins have been lush And yet before the evening is over You might give me the brush You might forget your man

李丽蕊 Crazy Lady歌词

12/17 14:21
李丽蕊--<Crazy Lady> 曲:Peter Beekett|词:小美 ●●●●● 激光里摇动没停顿 人像电动玩具跳动 -- 彷走进迷洞 像场梦 如被现实活活捉弄 -- 前事没法可变改 为我增加灰暗痛哀 →→ Baby Baby Crazy Lady 你在为谁暗落泪 你却摇头 诈作汗流 悄悄藉词抹掉泪 Baby Baby Crazy Lady 跳至忘形似拼命 借醉狂鸣 两脚未停 爱侣别离已注定 --- ★花生壳壳制作★ ●●● 激光里摇动没停顿 人像电动玩具跳动 -- 彷走进迷洞 像场梦

Paul Anka She&#039;s a Lady歌词

06/27 03:48
Well she's all you'd ever want, She's the kind they'd like to flaunt and take to dinner. Well she always knows her place. She's got style, she's got grace, She's a winner. She's a Lady. Whoa whoa whoa, She's a Lady. Talkin' about that little lady, an

Mark Read Greatest Lady歌词

03/11 21:09
[00:08.33]Oh [00:16.68]To the greatest lady in my life [00:23.47]To the one who held me through the harder times [00:30.60]I soon came to know this was a love [00:37.57]That existed before I took my first breath [00:44.66]Through the ever changing sc

D&#039;Angelo Lady歌词

12/29 23:41
* we don't normally publish R&B only artists but D'Angelo Is hip-hop enough that by popular demand we're making an exception CHORUS: You're my lady You're my lady You're my lady You're my lady Don't think I don't see them looking at ya All of them wi