Funky Diamonds Get It On歌词


Get it on, and get yourself ready
Get it on, pump it up to the max
Get it on, and get yourself ready
We'll have a party like it's gonna be the last

It's hard to take when life is going wrong
No good to fake and play like you don't care
No time to waste, now set the record straight
Gotta change your style before it's too late
Come and take your chance, let's move it up and down
Go out and dance, move all over the town
Now feel the force it's gonna be a blast
We'll have a party like it's gonna be the last

Everybody get up- up!
Everybody get down- down!
Everybody get wild- alright!
Everybody scream- whouu!

It's here and now for you to feel the flow
Let's start the show, it's time to let it go
Don't break the law, don't need no kind of drugs
To make you feel like you're stoned to the bones

Move it up, move it up- gotta way to take you higher
Move it up, move it up- like an ACDC wire
Move it up, move it up- gonna take you to the max
We'll have a party like it's gonna be the last

1 2 3 4 here we here we go
From house to pop from pop to hip hop
We're gonna slam the funk like Jordan on a dunk
Gonna kick it real hard till the end of the night
Make you feel much higher, make you feel right
Come on y'all you gotta move like us
Cause me and my girlfriends are no young pop-fakers
Diamonds in the house ans you know you can't break us
Get it on

  • 专辑:Funky Diamonds
  • 歌手:Funky Diamonds
  • 歌曲:Get It On

Funky Diamonds Get It On歌词


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