Andy Williams Last Tango in Paris歌词

We don't exist
We are nothing but shadow and mist
In the mirror we look as we pass
No reflection’s revealed in the glass
Don't you know the blood in your vein
Is as lifeless as yesterday's rain
It's a game where we come to conceal the confusion we feel
But as long as we're nameless
Our bodies are blameless
She cried when we kissed
It was nothing but shadow and mist
Two illusions who touch in a trance
Making love not by choice but by chance
To a theme that we tore from the past
To a tango we swore was the last
We are shadows who dance

  • 专辑:Andy Williams Moon River Collection
  • 歌手:Andy Williams
  • 歌曲:Last Tango in Paris

Andy Williams Last Tango in Paris歌词


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「殉情记」的主题曲 A time for us- (Romeo and Juliet) A time for us, someday there'll be 总有一天,会有属于我俩的时光 When chains are torn by courage 当锁链被勇气穿破 Born of a love that's free 从中而生的爱情必然是自由 A time when dreams so long denied can flourish 梦想被否定的时光终将大放异彩 As we unveil

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