Cock Sparrer Because You're Young歌词

Because you're young, sharp as a knife
You need that buzz to come alive
Out on the edge, out on the town
You ain't got time to settle down
You're always sure, you're always right
You see it all in black and white
You never listen to anyone
Because you're young

Because you're young, you're torn between
A world of hate and a world of dreams
So much to lose, so much to gain
So much to fight for, so much to change
You don't look back, you don't look down
You gotta turn everything around
You live your life like a loaded gun
Because you're young

Stop talking back, get off the phone
You're late again, you missed the last bus home
This ain't the way you wanna live
I know something's got to give
You're always sure, you're always right
You see it all in black and white
You never listen to anyone
Because you're young

  • 专辑:Guilty as Charged
  • 歌手:Cock Sparrer
  • 歌曲:Because You're Young

Cock Sparrer Because You're Young歌词


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