In Gowan Ring A Poet's Lyre 歌词

Childhood made a Poet's Lyre
hands embroidered in limbs of dark briar
bent to the wind's plaintive whistling words
scattering whispers in your nettled hood
would they fall to a weathered home
with branches of arms for a laden pillow
and years wrought of withering laurels

Blossoms now on the apple boughs
stars are near to the shaded arbor
once a hand could touch
wherefore the other will search

Childhood made a Poet's Lyre
heart enfolded in wings of black bird
could they fly on feathers borne
when lips salute the Hazel's Horn
or would they crawl through a weathered home
should lips encumber a mordant moan
bent to the wind's whistling word

What cloudy guest at this darkened hearth
what cloistered heart to hold the black earth
once a hand could touch
wherefore the other will search

  • 专辑:Hazel Steps Through a Weathered Home
  • 歌手:In Gowan Ring
  • 歌曲:A Poet's Lyre

In Gowan Ring A Poet's Lyre 歌词


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