Susan Tedeschi I Fell In Love歌词

The first time I saw him
I melted on the floor
Never had I seen a man like this before

I fell in love
Oh, I fell in love
The next thing I knew
I fell in love with you

The first time we went out
He took me to a dance
I knew that this was gonna be one hell of a romance

I fell in love.....

Later on he kissed me
And took me by my hand
He whispered in my ear and I could barely stand

I fell in love.....

I fell in love.....

Now after all this time
I still feel the same
I get weak in the knees every time he calls my name
I fall in love

Oh, I fall in love
The next thing I knew I fell in love with you

I fell in love....

  • 专辑:The Best Of Susan Tedeschi Episode Two
  • 歌手:Susan Tedeschi
  • 歌曲:I Fell In Love


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