Yuppie Flu Our Nature歌词

Our Nature - Yuppie Flu
She got away with the birds
A night in june
That feelings were hold
Away from blue
Let the sun
Shine on our nature
We're eagles and creepers ourselves
Let the sun
Shine on the nature
Of meeting and losing ourselves
Start weavein' up
Your toasters cause
We're hiding down the woods
And that bunch of stories
On breakin' up
Yeah, leave 'em to someone else
The picture is shoutin' off the clusters
Clearer than before
And i don't know
If your words
Make sense anymore
Let the sun /shine on our nature
We're eagles and creepers ourselves
Let the sun
Shine on the nature
Of meeting and losing ourselves
Let the sun
Shine on our nature
Let the sun
Shine on our nature
The picture is shoutin' off the clusters
I bet i'm not the first
And i don't know
If the ghosts you hide
Someday will be coming back

  • 专辑:Toast Masters
  • 歌手:Yuppie Flu
  • 歌曲:Our Nature

Yuppie Flu Our Nature歌词


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