Audrey Assad Help My Unbelief歌词

The fullness of the Godhead knit with our humanity
Flesh and bones sewn in the heart of God inseparably
I know, I know, and I believe You are the Lord
I know, I know, and I believe You are the Lord
Help my unbelief.

Strange and sweet collision of justice and mercy
Your burden is light and your yoke is easy.
I know, I know, and I believe that You are the Lord
I know, I know, and I believe that You are the Lord
Help my unbelief.

O happy fault that gained for me the chance to know you, Lord
to touch your wounded side and know the joy of my reward
I know, I know, and I believe that You are the Lord
I know, I know, and I believe that You are the Lord
Help my unbelief.

My Lord and my God
My Lord and my God
I know, I know, and I believe
I know, I know, and I believe
Help my unbelief
Help my unbelief.

  • 专辑:Fortunate Fall
  • 歌手:Audrey Assad
  • 歌曲:Help My Unbelief


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